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Sourdough Trail

I watched you rise above them all
When you planted seeds in Spring and harvested in Fall.
When wheat was worth its weight in gold
You stored them through winter, and survived the cold.

Well, I was there when you let your struggles go
Stopped searching for your food, your nourishment you'd grow.
With the flour that you came to know
I became your bread and butter, I am your sourdough.

So let it rise all night
Let it ferment into gold
You know history was right
To feed body and mind with this food for the soul.

Well I was there when Pharaoh cracked the whips.
I gave strength to all the slaves that built the pyramids.
And I traveled the world, and I dined with them all.
From peasants by the fire to great kings in their halls.

I fueled the Romans when they conquered all the land.
The French Revolution hit so hard when I was in demand.
And I sailed across the sea, to the new world there.
And the wind across the prairies was the wind in my hair.

So let it rise all night.
Let it ferment into gold
If you want to eat right,
It's what took us this far, so the story is told.

But I never was as valued as the gold that you would seek.
Like the Yukon trail and the holy-grail the mind's of men are weak.
When you found a way to cut down on the cost.
With a quick rise bread that quickly spread and the legend was lost.


And the years have come and gone,
And the dead breads of today, are treating us all wrong.
When you turned your back on the ways of the past.
The problems, are gonna catch up with you fast.

So let it rise all night.
Let it ferment into gold
Where the future is bright.
We've learned from the past, now the secrets unfold.


Long live, the Sourdough
Long life, to those who know
Like wheat kings, from long ago.
Long live, the Sourdough.

Sourdough Culture

Tucked away in the Kootenays,
Is the little town of Kaslo.
Rugged mountains on display,
To the valley folk below.

They rowed the Moyie up the lake.
The pioneers of old knew well.
The silver claims that they could stake.
In the Selkirks and Purcells

And the culture thrives,
It'll make you feel alive,
What they rediscovered there.
The goodness that comes when you really care.
They came and mined the hills above.
The logger's saws sang praises
While the artists flocked like birds in love.
And they cherished all their days.

So in paradise they made their lives
Through thick and thin they'd smile
The mountain culture and good vibes,
Made it worth the while.

And the culture thrives,
It'll make you feel alive,
What they rediscovered there.
The good health that comes when you really care.

Silvio came to Kaslo
From Europe where he'd grown.
He learned the ways of sourdough.
And mastered the unknown.

Sourdough's so fine you know
Not only for its taste
The good health that it can bestow
With all the problems that we face.


I'm sure you've heard the news.
Gluten will get you down.
But not if you choose
A sourdough, cause it changes that around.

And the culture thrives,
It'll make you feel alive,
What they rediscovered there.
The flavour that comes when you really care.

I am a Kaslo Sourdough

Its rise and shine, with that small town smile
I can't help it walk with this lifestyle
But my shift starts up in just a little while
Time to get up I suppose

The Farm fresh eggs and sourdough bread
Fill me up for the day ahead
As I bike to work, I got a song in my head
And this is how it goes


I am a Kaslo Sourdough, keep me wild and free
You know the Kaslo Sourdough is the way it ought to be
So just trust me, you got to let go
Ferment it naturally
Cause it's the renaissance of the sourdough, just you wait and see
Yeah, ------------------ yeah

Well it is a lovely ride, that old wagon road way
To were 'Pasta Fermenata' is made
The best in the world, Luigi would say
And the first one by the way

That local grain is ground by stone
Use fresh spring water from the mountain throne
It is home grown Kaslo's very own
And all I have to say


That Kootenay Sourdough keep me young and free
You know Kootenay Sourdough is the way it ought to be
So just trust me, you got to let go
Ferment it naturally
Cause it's the renaissance of the sourdough, just you wait and see
Yeah, ------------------ yeah

When I finish work I climb those peaks
Ride the trails till I am a tired and weak
And when dinner comes you know what I seek
Some pasta sourdough, yeah!

Yeah, I am Canadian Sourdough keep me happy and free
You know Canadian Sourdoughs are the way it ought to be
So just trust me, you got to let go
Ferment it naturally
Cause it's the renaissance of the sourdough, just you wait and see
Yeah, ------------------ yeah

Wait and see

Yeah, just wait and see
Yeah, just wait and see
Yeah, just wait and see
Yeah, just wait and see


Kaslo Sourdough Bakery

This year we are celebrating our 24th anniversary at the Kaslo Sourdough Bakery. Thank you to our many customers, the positive feedback, and continued support. We haven't left many stones unturned over these years, as we continuously furthered our knowledge into the fascinating world of natural sourdough fermentation.

One thing we have learned and understood is that there are endless factors that determine the successful outcome of a naturally fermented product, and that it inevitably becomes a truly unique creation. The challenge has been to first create this exceptional product, and, once invented, continue to consistently produce it with exactly all of the qualities as the original. Nature likes variety and plays with its own rules. The secret is to work with nature, but you have to know and understand the rules. The battleground with sourdough is microscopic in size.

Our greatest achievement has been to produce consistently outstanding natural sourdough bread that has kept us in business over these many years. The exciting news is that with our accumulated knowledge and expertise in sourdough fermentation, we have been able to invent a new product-a product not known for being fermented-our new 'Pasta Fermentata'.

It has been on the market for only a short period of time, but we have already had a tremendously positive response to the flavour and how well it digests compared to any regular pasta. This is the intent we had in mind when we created it. As I have stated before, it is not the grains that are at fault, it is how we prepare them.

In our research efforts we also found ample, peer-reviewed literature (as linked in our Archive) showing that sourdough bread and sourdough pasta products (naturally fermented) are an excellent way to prevent gluten related health problems, increase the bioavailability of nutrients, and ease the digestion of gluten-containing grains. This is important, as poor grain preparation can lead to wheat allergies, sensitivities, and even to the extreme of a disease like Celiac's disease.

Enjoy your visit, and we encourage you to try 'A Taste of the Past' with our sourdough bread, or 'A Taste of the Future' with our sourdough pasta: 'Pasta Fermentata'.



New For 2012

Fire Brick Oven
New For 2013
  1. Our biggest and most exciting news is our new sourdough pasta, 'Pasta Fermentata', and the corresponding website. We applied all of our skills and knowledge regarding sourdough fermentation, made a significant investment in the finest Italian pasta making equipment, and acquired all the skills needed to operating this machinery. This was followed by a lengthy period of trial and error, but we finally achieved the seemingly impossible: sourdough pasta. It took a lot of persistence and conviction as well as belief in our new product to make it a reality.

    We can proudly say we are the one and only makers of sourdough pasta made from a natural sourdough bacterial culture. The sourdough alone gives this pasta an exquisite flavour, not found in any other pasta, as well as all of the benefits of naturally fermented food. Natural fermentation is a process vitally important to being able to properly digest any gluten-containing grain.

    With 11 different flour combinations, your taste buds will be rolling with delight. This opens a whole new way of cooking since you can now dial in the specific pasta flavour with the other spices and ingredients of your choice. You can prepare healthy meals with a totally new flavour nuances. Endless delectable combinations are possible.
  2. We are also celebrating our 24th anniversary this year in April. It's been a challenge, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. Many of our customers continue to share stories supporting our own findings in regards to the crucially important-factor of natural fermenting and gluten-containing grains prior to human consumption. Again and again we hear from our customers that they can only eat our bread. With all other breads, they experience numerous symptoms of disagreement and discomfort, ranging from bloating, hives, stomach aches, gastritis, and even more severe debilitating symptoms. With this in mind, we devoted ourselves to relentlessly research a way to develop a pasta that would include a fermentation process. That would allow this traditional wheat grain based food to be better digested, just like our bread. The added bonus we noticed is that not only does it digest much better, it also resulted in pasta with a delicious flavour that also cooks faster than conventional pasta. This is our contribution towards a better and healthier tomorrow.
  3. I wrote a new article titled 'Fatal Flaw'. It highlights the differences in digestive systems between humans and 'ruminants.' Ruminants are animals (mammals) that typically eat grasses and grains, but have regurgitative digestive processes that allow them to break down gluten-containing grains properly. It's my thought that humans need to (and historically did) copy their ruminating actions by naturally fermenting their foods. Health and digestive problems arise when natural fermentation processes are neglected, which has largely happen in recent history.
  4. You will find more scientific articles supporting our research into the benefits of sourdough in our Archive.
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